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Join a group of creative independents
who support each other and learn together.

The Fabric of Clouds community cuts through the noise of the saturated social media to the topics important to you. We exchange knowledge and support each other in virtual and in-person meetups.

Join us now!


CHF 220/year* or CHF 20/month incl. one month’s notice

networking in Slack with Community Participation model

listing on the community website

community facilitation, including regular follow-ups and meetups

intimate community with professional freelancers

limited grouping strategy including fostering personal relationships

brand events with a focus on sustainability

community-based-marketing (CBM) support

strategic partnerships including listings and marketing activities

project assignments

assistance for the workshop release

membership rates for the brand events

*Community promise: We are committed to connecting people within similar professions.  Our segmented communities are ideal for cultivating personal relationships.


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A lighter way to weave dreams into reality
– The Fabric of Clouds