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Züri walk&talk events, mapping sustainable Zurich on foot

May 16, 2022
18:00 - 19:30
Freiraum ZKB, Zurich

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Who we are

Züri walk&talk events, mapping sustainable Zurich on foot

Züri walk & talk events address constant engagement and personal connections among attendees, starting from the pre-event stage.

It is a new in-person event to connect freelancers, entrepreneurs, SMEs and startups from the cross-industries. We facilitate their stories and concepts while weaving them to the spots in Zurich that are related to their ideas, hobbies, and projects.

Züri walk&talk in numbers: since its start in November 2021, 100+ participants for all five events, 6+ partners, two photographers, 20 entrepreneurs and founders.

Our attendees rate the most:

  • every attendee makes an introduction by sharing sustainable and practical learning easily applicable to anyone
  • roundtable format enables a flat organisation and involves everyone to participate in the discussion
  • inspiring speakers and their concepts to engage the whole audience authentically
  • every attendee becomes a co-creator of the event through our framework related to the event canvas, simple setup strategies and inspiring entrepreneurial environment
  • networking part outside is a highlight of the event and offers several building modules to scale the conversation
  • connectedness of the attendees with a community approach through 365-event modules, e.g. shared content including photos, videos, education

What Others Say about the Züri Walk & Talk

Alain: The combination of a classical workshop and the innovative touch of networking while walking is superb.

Marieke: Another great successful event this evening! Like after the first one, I come back full of new ideas, a new way of considering sustainability and new inspiring contacts.

Laura: Love the walk and talk structure. Sustainable, healthy and entertaining at the same time!

Simone: I really enjoyed this new format of networking (especially the walking part) and the relaxed atmosphere. It was a real pleasure to meet so many new like-minded people and connect with them. I came home super tired and with a smile in my face.

Sylwia: Walk & Talk, a totally new way of exchanging energy, sharing values and driving impact together.

Frank: I find you do very well in finding guests/entrepreneurs/innovators. Keep up the great work. Very professional team and a warm welcome to all guests.

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Who is Behind The Scenes

New Project


Founder & Project Facilitator

New Project (1)


Learning Experience Designer

New Project (2)


Community Builder

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Natallia Zaremba

Founder | Strategy Execution & Consulting

  • 15+ years of experience in global hotel chains and family-run properties with a strong positioning in MICE, both in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Responsibility for Meeting & Event departments, including implementing event framework related to the pre-event, during event and post-event stages.
  • MICE Key Account Management with a focus on Swiss corporate clients and RFP event management. Experience with Key Account Management for the WEF 2015 in Davos.
  • Responsibility for developing new strategies and execution of events with a capacity of up to 1000 people in Switzerland and abroad.

Karina Mereuta


  • 12+ years of cross-sector experience in Government, SMEs and the NGO sector.
  • Management of 100+ events, including original event & workshop concepts for 20+ clients (corporate, SMEs, start-ups, public institutions).
  • Expertise across cultures and continents, in projects in Romania, China, Unites States, Belgium, Switzerland and with partners from across the world (Europe, Africa, Asia).
  • Currently developing in Zurich (CH) a new venture called Fructify Network – a one-stop-shop for sustainability experts and business leaders to develop skills, collaborate and monetize their knowledge.

Monica Moldovan


  • Working experience in multicultural teams connecting different networks to co-create new projects, increase collaboration and employee engagement
  • 17+ years in project management & intrapreneurship, event planning, community building, and innovation projects in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Romania
  • 40+events organized in Switzerland: meetups, panels, conferences, and community events with a participant-centric approach