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An agile alternative for job platforms – a hub to work, connect, and learn alongside of other freelancers.

The Fabric of Clouds is a hybrid hub where

businesses and organizations are assigned a dedicated marketing freelancer for the project at hand, and where

freelancers work on diverse assignments, with opportunities to learn during workshops and creative projects, sharing ideas and networking with other freelancers.

Our Expertise

We work on real narratives that are designed to evoke a reaction on the part of your audience, and we connect desires with storytelling to foster authentic encounters.

Sales / Marketing

☁️ Sales Optimization
☁️ Digital Marketing
☁️ Smarketing (sales + marketing)
☁️ Strategy & Consulting
☁️ Brand Exercise
☁️ Email Marketing

Social / Interactive

☁️ Social Makeup
☁️ Cross-channel content strategy
☁️ Immersive community workshops
☁️ Launch strategy and creative concepts
☁️ Copywriting & Storytelling
☁️ Content Creation
☁️ Framework for digital campfire incubating

Design / Visual

☁️ Graphic Design
☁️ Illustration
☁️ Web Design
☁️ UX Design
☁️ Photography
☁️ Video Storytelling & Production

The Freelancer Community

We believe that together is better than alone, that sharing knowledge and skills bring quality and larger satisfaction to a project and that a trusted community can go a long way.

As freelancers, we cannot have all the answers or the skills, we are often not surrounded by peers who can support us or perhaps help us stir our creativity and we often miss the external perspective we need for a particular project. At The Fabric of Clouds you will get advice, resources, support and the chance to get involved in Marketing and Sales projects related to the world of hospitality and event.

We aim at providing an inspiring and lively community which will support and make you bloom.

Holistic Design Journey

We help you take ideas from imagination to execution, with respect for humanity and nature.

We make sure that the right people are onboard, that the workflow is productive, and that the project is delivered on time and accurately.

Let’s think and create together!

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A lighter way to weave dreams into reality
– The Fabric of Clouds