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We Are Creative Independents Offering A Lighter Way To Connect And Communicate In The Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Landscape.
The Fabric of Clouds is a

We are designers, copywriters, illustrators, marketers, filmmakers, photographers, inventors, thinkers, strategists, and problem solvers. Passionate, engaged and eager to learn more!

We keep our eyes and ears open to spot the latest trends in content delivery and adapt our marketing strategy to embrace these changes.

For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword – we are constantly devising ways to have a positive impact on the environment, and this commitment to sustainability shows in our daily choices and in the work we do.

Travel And Hospitality Expertise

We understand that the extraordinary times in which we are living have placed a strain on the tourism industry. However, along with the challenges we face, there are opportunities for us all to raise our standards.

Working together, we can promote business by forging solid and long-lasting relationships. Companies that demonstrate compassion and empathy today will be in a better position to thrive in the future. It’s about communication that connects, and marketing that matters.

Project Crew

Meet the people who set up The Fabric of Clouds as a collaborative project


Founder | Strategy Execution & Consulting


Visual Designer


Communication Strategist


Photographer ∣ Writer ∣ Project Coordinator


Filmmaker & Photographer


Creative Designer

Natallia Zaremba

Founder | Strategy Execution & Consulting

Natallia has Economics and Linguistics degrees, and a long career in the Events and Hospitality industry with a focus on Sales and Marketing. Now she specializes in Digital Marketing, being an expert in visual communication on Social Media.

Natallia’s never-ending intellectual curiosity led her to speak several languages and integrate into diverse cultures.

💚 Explorer of the off-the-beaten-path travel experiences and initiator of #microgapswitzerland

Francesca Bellini

Visual Designer

Francesca has an expertise in brand identity, editorial design, UX & UI, graphics and illustration.

She defines her work as “light design”, focusing on the usability and an agile design process that allows working with teams and clients located in different places.

💚 Sustainability is her life choice and style, she is always looking for enjoying life and work with respect, honesty and balance. She even gives names to her plants!

Alessandra Sansone

Communication Strategist

Alessandra has a strong background in tourism management and healthcare with an expertise in e-learning, event management and digital marketing.

She loves teamwork and can manage complex projects with a hands on approach. She has been travelling a lot and so far she has lived in the US, Milan, Venice, UK and Palermo. When she’s not working or doing family errands, she enjoys writing her blog.

💚 Alessandra has a blog called Mammachechic, focusing on sustainability, slow fashion and local tourism.

Patrizia Corriero (Patti)

Photographer ∣ Writer ∣ Project Coordinator

Patrizia’s background has been filled with curiosity and creativity and has not been linear so far. She has started with Political Science, but she always knew she wanted to be a Documentary photographer and finally went to study photography in Rome. After Rome, she has lived in US, Sardinia, Portugal and in Bolzano, Italy.

Patrizia defines herself as a creative explorer of the world. She loves singing and is part of a Brazilian Portuguese choir.

💚 A slow and human traveller, a farm-to-table cook and a reuse & recycling wizard.

Sabrina Shannon Santorum

Filmmaker & Photographer

Sabrina has studied multichannel communication languages at TAG (Trento Alta Formazione Grafica), cultivating her great passion for documentary filmmaking and street photography. Now as a freelancer she has been working as a photo and video-reporter, video maker, editor and colorist.

For Sabrina, meeting new people and listening to their moved voices while they tell about their existences is priceless and that’s the kind of story she would love to tell in her films.

💚 Lives in the heart of Dolomites writing, producing and editing her videos inspired by the constant presence of nature and its habitants, no-waste video productions, a daughter of a solar power initiator in northern Italy.

Helena Jalanka

Creative Designer

Helena is a visual and concept designer with a background in digital media. She enjoys combining useful and cheerful – creating things that both serve and delight people.

💚 loves being in nature, second hand findings and traveling by train.


The Gamificator & Clouder Mascot

A truffle expert with an excellent sense of smell and a zest for life.


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